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      Full Service Sales, Rentals, Residential and Commercial

Serving Tampa for over 40 years!

(813) 831-5454
Fax: (813) 831-1934
We have been managing residential and commercial properties since 1974! You can feel confident that we know how to manage your property.
Our rates are extremely competitve. We charge half of the first month's rent to place a new tenant in your property. This includes, showing, advertising, complete tenant background check, videotaping the property prior to the tenant moving in, handling all lease preparations and tenant sign up. Then 10% of the monthly rent to manage the property. If the existing tenant signs a new lease, we charge an additional 10% of the first month's rent of a lease renewal and that covers our costs of notifying the tenant that their lease is expiring and all the paperwork associated with signing the new lease.
If you just want help finding a new tenant, we charge the first month's rent to do all the work stated above.
Managing your property includes handling normal maintenance problems, tenant relations and monthly cash flow reports included with your check. We also meet the City inspectors. We have an extremely reliable, ethical and fairly priced group of vendors that we work with. It has taken us years to gather these companies together. It is valuable to know who to call!

Be careful... some companies charge to take your maintenance calls! Others charge whether your unit is rented or not. We don't! If you're not making money, then we're not. It's that simple.
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 3216 W Bay to Bay Blvd.
    Tampa, FL 33629
Coyle Realty, Inc.